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Andrea Caldarelli awarded by CSAI

Andrea Caldarelli awarded by CSAI


Friday 3rd February, during the award ceremony of the CSAI in Modena, Andrea Caldarelli received a special award for being selected by the FIA Institute for Young Driver Excellence Academy. The twenty-one driver of Pescara, at the presence of President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, received this honor as the first Italian to reach this important milestone. Caldarelli, that was named a few weeks ago from Toyota as Junior Driver of the Le Mans project, can add another award to its already rich bulletin board.

Andrea Caldarelli
"Just when CSAI presented my name to the FIA last October, I was glad to be part of the Italian Federation. My career is always been locked to the Italian motorsport since when I began the youngest driver to win a championship race in 2005, when I was just fifteen. Then, last year, finishing the Formula 3 Italian Championship on the 3rd place, I had the chance to join Ferrari’s Formula 1 test, setting the fastest time in Vallelunga. I hope they will support me also for the future to develop my career”.

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